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Girl Power Success Stories

Girl Power is extremely proud of not only what we do, but of the young girls who we serve. Our program caters to smart and talented young girls who often strive to realize their potential once they are made aware of their strength.

Meet the following program participants who wanted to share how their experience with Girl Power has changed their lives:


My name is Disantea Mincey. I am 12 years old. I’m in the Girls’ Choir of Miami. I joined January of 2014. I joined because I like singing. We perform at different places. They give you vocal technique, self-esteem, and friendships with other members of the choir. Since coming to Girl Power, I have gained a family. We learn how to sing as an ensemble while they teach us to build confidence, character, and train us to become better singers. Read More



My name is Ashley Griffin and ever since May 2007, I have been a totally different person. Before starting Girl Power I was a little girl that cared nothing about anyone but herself.

When I first began attending Girl Power, my attitude was very negative. I decided I wasn’t going to attend some stupid summer camp. Well, my first day of camp went by really slow. As the summer progressed, I began to realize that the program was actually fun. The rest of the summer was a breeze. Near the end of the summer I began to feel sad. I didn’t want to leave Girl Power or any of my friends I had made that summer. Luckily, I learned that Girl Power was an after-school program during the school year. Boy was I happy! I couldn’t wait for the school year to begin. Read more


Hello. My name is Cath’Almanda Bringier. I’m 14 years old. I was a student at Jose De Diego middle school and now I will be attending Miami Arts Charter School to study music. I’ve been in the Girl Power Program since 2007.

I have learned more about how to get along with other kids of other cultures. I have also learned not to judge others before I know them. The program has taught me to respect my family, friends and others. Girl Power is a place of challenge. There are people who will get under your skin and you have to know how to control your temper and what you will say. Read more


My name is LaQuandria Wimbley and I am currently attending the Girl Power program. For those who may not be of aware of Girl Power, Girl Power is a program that any girl can attend. It relieves stress and it gives you peace of mind… and that’s no lie!!! But as you all may know, that’s not what I thought in the beginning when I first started the program.

You see, I was court ordered to this Girl Power place and I DID NOT want to go. When I first met Ms. Kerry I gave her a negative vibe and Ms. Kerry looked at me and told me, “Remember, I didn’t put you here. You put yourself here!” It was at that very moment, it’s strange, but those words were words of encouragement. So I changed my perspective of Girl Power… Read more